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Replicant's Night #6 -Cyberpunk Night in Tokyo, JAPAN-
2022-08-21(Sun) Earthdom Shin-O-kubo
open 18:30- / first band start 19:00-
adv 2500(+1drink500) / at door 2700(+1drink500)
Replicant’s Night, the festival for Cyberpunk / Industrial Rock is back...
It's the first one in three years.
Experience the noisy cozy and crazy replicants as usual,
but listen, it's from the newest sound source!

bands (The order of appearance is secret) :
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bands information (In no particular order):
PSYDOLL -Cyberpunk, Industrial Rock

A cyberpunk unit made in Tokyo formed by Vocal Nekoi the mysterious thing floating in the manga world and ucchi the guitarist who handles a guitar with a dynamic distorted sound.

With the kinky Japanese cosplays, the EU, North America, the Philippines and the world's Industrial scenes are ruined, but there is a short break in the epidemic.

But they just reboot since June this year.... Nice to meet you again !!
2Bullet -Industrial Metal / Dark Electro / Sumo

An Industrial Rock unit by Sergeant K, a vocalist who has been skeletonized after his death, and Dee Lee, the bro of Hans Zimmer in the suburb. They are ozeki (a champion of sumo wrestling) of sound pressure.

Although he is a veteran wrestler who will be celebrating his 20th anniversary next year, he has jaunty guitar riff like Asashoryu (the sumo wrestler) and a destructive beat like Terao (the sumo wrestler).

While touring all over the country, through the concert oncert experiences, there were a lot of people who were healed from their injuries and illnesses, and now they are the object of folk religion as a symbol of good luck and illness.
Brainicide -Industrial Rock

Brainicide is a BDSM themed industrial rock act based in the greater Tokyo area.

The aim is to tantalise your eyes and ears while spanking you with ideas of consensual sex, peace and anti-racism.

Are you human enough to handle crisp drum beats with the filthiest guitar sounds a Brit can make? If so, be ready for a performance like no other!

There will be no innocent bystanders!
DOZEW -Cyberpunk

DOZEW is a cyberpunk band that is active mainly in Tokyo.

Launched a new music genre called "Cyberpunk", dressed in a figure reminiscent of the near future, and developed LIVE that fused digital and analog.

They has a good reputation even overseas.

The jam session band with the styles based on Noise Music、Industrial、Hardcore、Heavy Rock、Bass Music、and Rave.

All of our songs and stages are improvised, so different every time. (and the composition of the instruments!)
Shin-Ohkubo EARTHDOM
東京都新宿区大久保2-32-3 リスボンビルB1
TEL 03-3205-4469

J-CyberPunk shock for you
// Cyberpunk + Industrial + Goth + Deathrock x Manga = PSYDOLL
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email address for psydoll : psyber[atsign]
PSYDOLL are looking for the tour for your place.
If there are three or more stages are waiting
then their dream come true.
If you are the person from press / or DJ, organizer who interested in PSYDOLL, then please feel free to write PSYDOLL!
(Please send a link of your webpage which have your contacts)