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2018 August 30th(Thu)

Quirky sounds from the underground vol.2

venue: Earthdom,Shin-o-kubo,Yamanote line

time : open 19:00 / start 19:30
ticket : Reserve 2000yen +1drink(500yen) / At door 2300yen +1drink(500yen)
To reserve your tickets, please contact 1 of the artists of your choice directly. Or send a message to psyber [at] with the word "Reserve" included in the subject.
acts :
# PSYDOLL, #1, #2, #3, #4
# Seij minus aÇ, #1, 2#, #3, #4, #5
# Coakira, #1, #2
# The Kinbaku Ward (sounds by MERRYSUN), #1, #2, #3
The time schedule is secret.
Please visit earlier to enjoy the bands.
You can ask each of the band / artist.

"Quirky sounds from the underground
Quirky sounds from the underground
Quirky sounds from the underground
listen- "

To go to Earthdom:
From the exit of the Shin-Okubo Station, go right and keep going on the street until you see a Korean snack stand POPO that is next to a Ministop. Take the stairs that is right beside POPO and go downstairs.

EARTHDOM : tel 03-3205-4469/ sVhv2-32-3 B1TEL: 03-3205-4469
WebSite :

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email address for psydoll : psyber[atsign]
PSYDOLL are looking for the tour for your place.
If there are three or more stages are waiting
then their dream come true.
If you are the person from press / or DJ, organizer who interested in PSYDOLL, then please feel free to write PSYDOLL!
(Please send a link of your webpage which have your contacts)