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Cyberpunk Night in Tokyo

-Replicants' Night 2-

2018, January 6th (sat), @EARTHDOM, Shin-Okubo

open 18:30 / start 19:00
ticket : Reserve 2,000yen+1D (500yen) / at door 2,300yen+1D (500yen)

with : DOZEW, Es wird gefuhrt, nicht, cyBerDeaTh

Replicants' Night-
it will suddenly appear in a night of Earthdom,5 min walk from Shin-o-kubo station,Tokyo,Japan.
Escape from Acid rain,Enjoy retro future.
The first Replicants' Night was held at the same venue in 2017 August and had a bunch of the replicants from All over Japan and UK,US and France. This time is the 2nd night.
(*Bounty hunters are admitted)
(*Blaster shootings not allowed at the venue!!!)
Shin-Okubo EARTHDOM :
新宿区大久保2-32-3 リスボンビルB1
TEL: 03-3205-4469
WebSite :
To reserve the tickets, please send your name and the numbers of the ticket to
( please replace ATSIGN to "@", DOT to "." )
In this case, please add the word of "reserve" into the message's title, thanx !

J-CyberPunk shock for you
// Cyberpunk + Industrial + Goth + Deathrock x Manga = PSYDOLL
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email address for psydoll : psyber[atsign]
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