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13th(Fri), October, 2023
"Replicants' Night -KIWAMI-"

(Replicants' Night Well-honed)

Industrial VS Cyberpunk

All bands' performance times are set to be longer,
That's the KIWAMI---!!

date : 13th(Fri), October, 2023
time : open 19:00/ first band start 19:30
ticket :
Reserve : 2500yen(+1drink fee 500yen)
At door : 2800yen(+1drink fee 500yen)

To reserve : Please send the Email to:
(please replace ATSIGN to @, DOT to .)
PSYDOLL : vvisuall/ sound
DOZEW : visual (1) (2)
SINO RE-BUILD PROJECTS : visual/ sound

! In order of performances are SECRET !
! Please visit earlier and enjoy all !
(5min walk from JR Shin-O-kubo Station in JR Yamanote line)
2023/ 9/ 18 update

éi-CyberPunk shock for you
// Cyberpunk + Industrial + Goth + Deathrock x Manga = PSYDOLL
Digital distribution: Please buy Psydoll Tunes through...
Youtube music

email address for psydoll :
(Please replace ATSIGN to "@", DOT to ".")
PSYDOLL are looking for the tour for your place.
If there are three or more stages are waiting
then their dream come true.
If you are the person from press / or DJ, organizer who interested in PSYDOLL, then please feel free to write PSYDOLL!
(Please send a link of your webpage which have your contacts)