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All the materials of the mini album PSYBERDOLL released in 1998 have been reconstructed in the distant future = current environment.
We will deliver the sounds of the early days established by the world of PSYDOLL to you with a new sound source.
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rebirth October 2020 Release
This is the psydoll's EP which was released in 2020 early of the winter - It begins with a requiem song with the dearest friends.
The next song for an amazing hero's smart sidekick who installed her memories to metal body of andoroid.
Third song is the one of the ghost story of the last job of a thief.
next song for the longing of resurrection of the country.
The EP including PSYDOLL's legendary song Machinery Lemmings as the re-recorded/ rearranged version.
Dive into PSYDOLL world...
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Machine Cup -Chapter 4(final) of Machine Kingdom- December 2018 Release
This is the psydoll's EP chapter 4 of Machine Kingdom - the final world where civilization reaches. Cups to draw emotions, Cups to distribute feelings. Some cups has beautiful emotions, some cups has abominable hatred -

Dive into PSYDOLL world..
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Machine Disk -Chapter 3 of Machine Kingdom- December 2017 Release
Here is the PSYDOLL's EP Chapter 3 of Machine Kingdom.
The 3rd world is the present day.

Substance civilization with flood of information and product.
The kingdom dreams the things not available.
Dive into PSYDOLL's world -

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Machine Wand -Chapter 2 of Machine Kingdom- April 2016 Release
Here is PSYDOLL's EP Chapter two of Machine Kingdom.
The 2nd world is made of wands. Wands means strength, energy and forces.

This kingdom shows you many anarchic stories. Dive into PSYDOLL's world...

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Machine Sword -Chapter 1 of Machine Kingdom- August 2015 Release
This EP titled Machine Sword, this is the chapter one of Machine Kingdom.

The 1st world starts with swords. Swords carries conflicts, incidents and tragedies.

This kingdom shows you some memories of the Fukushima nuclear accident.

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10 spyglasses April 2009 Release
-10 spyglasses for you,10 hidden stories for you-
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I PSYDOLL 2004 Release
Here is the first super compilation album from PSYDOLL to all over the world !!!
Until the debut for the world, PSYDOLL had three mini albums.
This "I PSYDOLL" is made from the 2nd and the 3rd mini albums plus one bonus truck, and all songs were remastered in Germany..
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// Cyberpunk + Industrial + Goth + Deathrock x Manga = PSYDOLL
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