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Hi,we are PSYDOLL
We are made from IRON,PLASTIC and PVC,
and we are the newest in Japanese robotics technology
--- like other Japanese robots.

But we are more advanced than other robots.
Having escaped the company that made us,
our AI has uniquely evolved.

So we love making destructive, sweet sounds.
Because they are nostalgic to us.
If you are interested in your future,
feel and dance with "PSYDOLL".

Ok, let's start the sound................

Japanese companies (including S#NY, Mit#ubishi, Hit#chi, S#nyo and P#nasonic) usually use the word "DOLL" to name their production robots for military, business and home use. However, PSYDOLL (Psycho-Doll) are illegal robots manufactured and remodeled without proper licenses and with enhanced abilities unlike other "DOLLs".

DOLL products have become quite common in everday life. However, since DOLL products can endanger humans, high security standards have been established among leading nations. On the other hand, the efficacy of PSYDOLL is questionable due to its illegal nature, which may result in serious accidents. In fact, 30% of recent fatalities in Japan were reportedly caused by PSYDOLL. Therefore the Japanese government prohibits illicit manufacturing and remodeling of PSYDOLL by severe penalties.

Since PSYDOLL can be purchased at reduced rates because of its low production costs and can still significantly satisfy personal tastes, the illegal production and street sales continue. PSYDOLL must be reported to the proper anthorities upon detection and will be disposed after seizure.

Specific types of PSYDOLL have already been placed on the wanted lists of the police and photos have been displayed at police boxes and airports - just like runaway suspects from radical political and religious groups. While replacement of PSYDOLL parts, including face and body, is easy, most of the wanted PSYDOLL do not particpate in such replacement of their original face, apparent age or sex, since specific individuality is programmed in these PSYDOLL.

Therefore, most PSYDOLL are on the run, disguising themselves and using a false identity just like human criminals.

Meanwhile, even in official type DOLLs, defects are sometimes discovered after distribution. Although recall notices are announced for such DOLLs,some of them escape recall or destruction by unknown methods. Such DOLLs are also placed on the police wanted lists and sometimes referred to as PSYDOLL.

Thankyou Yoichiroh H / Aaron Dawe, Gregory J, ALEX (for translation check)

She is the single PSYDOLL created in private by the the programmer who has been praised for his miracle in programming of early female PSYDOLL models.

Nekoi was created based on the images as if that programmer's late daughter, who actually passed away at her age of 10, have grown up.

However, since the programmer also used brain and optic nerves of his daughter's cat in creating Nekoi, she is extremely emotional and sometimes even meaningless in expression of her feelings.

She cannot control her voice tones either like her feelings. Words from her bottom of heart always confuse people.

He is one of the early PSYDOLL models manufactured by one Japanese company in its hidden Okhotsk laboratory in early 80's.

Due to systematic trouble in his safety control portion, he is unable to control himself when exposed to heavy duty sounds like originated by guitar or bass. After he had killed and wounded several people in its testing stage, he ran away and hid out in the city of Tokyo.

Thereafter, he supported several bands and finally banded a band, so-called PSYDOLL, with Nekoi.

Concert Review from BBC Homepage England Cumbria
Amen + Co-Exist + Psydoll + Black Spirit Guage
The Brickyard, Carlisle. Friday 15 July 2005
Robbo reviews the eclectic mix of bands that hit the Brickyard with their big wall of sound

"And now for something completely different" says the announcer at the start of Monty Python shows and Psydoll are just that 'completely different'.
Another three piece rock band you might think, but hang on one of them's a girl ... and they're all Japanese! What's going on here?
And so it begins ... Crunching, crashing electronica of the heavy metal kind: The sound track to many a late-night manga marathon. This J-Pop for the Nine Inch Nails generation.
The cute as button Neoki, in full Cosplay dress, hangs on to the microphone and her portable keyboard, then sings out in a haunting fashion. The Japanese lyrics all going beyond the audience, but that doesn't matter it's the sound and feeling that counts and this has loads of (un)feeling to it.
Ucchi stands literally to Neoki's left, playing guitar, stood rock still. Looking like an extra from Bladerunner he brings the guitar to life and death through the whole set.
To Neoki's right, stands and jumps and dances Loveless, percussionist extrodinaire. With electronic drum pad, cymbal, tom tom and theremin he keeps it all together with electronic beats and the eerie wooo of the theremin.
There maybe no spoon, but there's very definitely Psydoll.

CD Review from StarVox WebZine "CD Review"
I Psydoll (Planetghost) review by Uncle Nemesis

Back in 2003, I reviewed a couple of Psydoll's self-released CDs, The Daughter of Dr. Neumann and A War In The Box. At the time, the only way dwellers on planet Earth could obtain the band's outpourings was by contacting Psydoll themselves in Japan. But now, thanks to the Planetghost label, Psydoll product is more widely available.

Those two early DIY releases are out again in combined form on this 14-track album - which means there's now no excuse whatsoever not to have Psydoll's glorious weirdness in your life.
It's a pleasure to revisit Psydoll's music in its lavish new packaging (although it's only fair to point out that the band's original DIY packaging was pretty lavish first time round) and plunge once again into the surreal world they effortlessly, naturally, create.

Sometimes, Psydoll sound like a bizarre mating ritual between Kraftwerk and Motorhead; at other times they sound like folkie troubadours from the future.
Their musical vocabulary is wide; their ideas tumble out in a torrent.
They employ mashed-up electronics and thrashed-up guitars, delicate acoustics and brutal slabs of treated distort-o-sound.
Sometimes, they do all of this in the course of one song. And yet, always, there's a pop sensibility at work, which ensures that although things get loud and brash and defiantly punkish at times, you're never more than a few bars away from a lilting refrain or catchy chorus.
But if it's noise you want, they've got that, too.
So, let's cheer for the return of favourite tracks.

We kick off with the songs first released on The Daughter of Dr. Neumann - such as 'Faraway', featuring that round-and-round harpsichord motif which makes the song sound like a cyberpunk Stranglers.
Then there's 'Machinery Lemmings', which riffs furiously, the vocal coming in like a nursery rhyme phoned in from outer space, and 'Theme For Psydoll', which in '03 I described as 'a march-of-the-robots anthem with a heavy heavy heavy low-down bassline, as if someone had filled Skinny Puppy up with hallucinogenics and then asked them to lead the Easter parade', a description upon which I certainly can't improve this time round.
A little further down the tunestack, we find ourselves among the tracks originally available on A War In The Box, all as groovy as they were when originally released.

One of Psydoll's more baffling titles has been made slightly more comprehensible - 'The Ship of Steel/The Screw of Glass Work' becomes 'The Iron Battleship With The Screw Made Of Glass' (well, I did say it was slightly more comprehensible) - but the tune itself is still the atmosphere-laden electro-ballad it always was.
The alternative version of 'Theme For Psydoll' is also here, a glorious collision between a slamming industrial rhythm and a neat, melodic pop song.

When I first encountered this slice of weird genius, I said 'it's as if Madonna had suddenly experienced a moment of madness (no, make that sanity) and recruited Laibach to make her next album for her.
Well, Madonna still hasn't seen the light, but who needs Madonna when we've got Psydoll?
There's one new track here, the mad and delightful 'Rose, Rose, Rose', which sounds like Napalm Death trapped inside a vending machine.

Nevertheless, amid the heavy-duty guitar riffing, the bleeps, clangs, crashes, loony samples and speedfreak beats, Psydoll manage to pull off their trademark trick of making the whole thing sound like a pop song.
By the time the track slams to an unceremonious halt, you'll find yourself wondering why this music isn't in the top 40. On Planet Psydoll, I'm sure it is.

StarVox reviews of the original releases from which this album is compiled can be found on this text-only archive page: (Scroll down!)
Planetghost, Psydoll's new label:
Original website:
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// Cyberpunk + Industrial + Goth + Deathrock x Manga = PSYDOLL
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